MRS SNORKEL JUAN GRANDE (ifuckedrandy) wrote,

ur thoughts?

should i take out my nape?:

ive had it for 6 mos so i got my moneys worth
i feel like it rarly gets seen and "enjoyed"
i dont really notice it till it catches on stuff (not too often)
my dad would flip if he ever saw it
i have major guilt issues about hiding it

it is pretty sexy and different
i dont know how ill feel about being "nonpierced" like im lame or something...
ill be less like mav which is never good
if i take it out will i get an infection or something?
on the other hand fuck my parents im like 21 yrs old geez!(but wait they support me...)
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yeah, your parents should be the last concern, right? How often do you even see them? I mean, I know they're your friggin parents, but they can't exactly determine how you're going to live your life.
"ill be less like mav which is never good" hahahah.
i think it is pretty hot that you have it, and if you really don't think it gets "noticed", you should show it off more often ;) and i think you should not care so much about parents, you're usually in Davis anyway.
I didn't know you had this! And now I must see it. =)
ive had ti since the wedding im sure i showed u then! but regardless i get back to davis on fri, lunch sat?
the only point on there i don't think is valid is:

"i dont know how ill feel about being "nonpierced" like im lame or something..."

'cause hey, i'm really hot and not lame and also not pierced, so it is def. possible. ;D
true u are sexxxy and decidedly not lame
unpierced = uncool...and not in cool by being uncool kind of way. (except for Casey...who could not be uncool if he tried ;))

I say...keep it at least until your dad flips out and pays you to take it out.